ourmissionOur Mission

Our Mission is to create a standardized knowledge base and best practices for how corporations, business owners and individuals leverage rapid learning cycles to enhance marketing systems to maximize sales and marketing results while delivering break through performance and customer satisfaction.

With focus, transparency and accountability as keys to any company’s success, we are working to bring bleeding edge project management and leadership techniques to sales and marketing operations worldwide.

manifestoAgile Marketing Manifesto Values

We are discovering better ways of creating value for our customers and for our organizations through new approaches to marketing. Through this work, we have come to value:

Validated learning over opinions and conventions
Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy
Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns

The process of customer discovery over static prediction

Flexible vs. rigid planning

Responding to change over following a plan
  • Many small experiments over a few large bets

priniciplesAgile Marketing Manifesto Principles

  • Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of marketing that solves problems
  • We welcome and plan for change. We believe that our ability to quickly respond to change is a source of competitive advantage
  • Deliver marketing programs frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale
  • Great marketing requires close alignment with the business people, sales and development
  • Build marketing programs around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done
  • Learning, through the build-measure-learn feedback loop, is the primary measure of progress
  • Sustainable marketing requires you to keep a constant pace and pipeline
  • Don’t be afraid to fail; just don’t fail the same way twice
  • Continuous attention to marketing fundamentals and good design enhances agility
  • Simplicity is essential

Our Founders

Maria Matarelli

Maria Matarelli is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who travels the world on one-way tickets consulting and training companies on reaching true agility. In addition to applications of Agile in IT, Maria and her team have been applying Agile to the Marketing realm with incredible results. After founding the Agile Marketing Academy, Maria and a team of experienced trainers are dedicated to bringing Agile outside the normal applications.

Maria is one of the first Certified Agile Marketing Trainers (CAMT) and is the Founder and President of Formula Ink, an international consulting company. Maria travels to consult organizations and speak at industry conferences with locations including Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Sweden, Istanbul, Vancouver, Morocco, Shanghai and many other locations. Maria is passionate about working with people to inspire agility.

Nic Sementa

As a serial entrepreneur, Nic Sementa has co-founded a series of companies including nationally distributed college magazine Boosh, a community based artist incubator RGB Lounge, and crowd funding consulting company Minion Werks. With a strong background in advertising and sales, Nic has helped many companies turn small marketing budgets into breakthrough results.

While exploring the application of Agile serving as Director of Business Development for Formula Ink, Nic began studying how the same project management techniques that make Agile effective for software development can be applied to the creation of online marketing systems. After launching a case study program to solidify best practices, Nic and Maria Matarelli began to standardize a knowledge base that would later become the platform for the Agile Marketing Academy.